Dr Baxmann’s recipe for success for future-proof orthodontics and efficient practice management

Become (even more) successful in practice now.

Pure efficiency in orthodontics

Live a more fulfilling, satisfying, relaxed and simply successful orthodontics – whether in dealing with your patients, your team or in the implementation of your treatment technique.

“100% success with 80% less effort doesn’t just sound good. I’ve been using it for years. And now I’m helping you to implement it, too ”.

Become the person in your practice that you always wanted to be. Look forward to the positive impact the systematic and compact structured approach of Dr. Baxmann’s LEAN ORTHODONTICS® will have on you, your business, your private life, your family and friends.

Start now and learn to implement it consistently. Then you too are guaranteed to be successful.

Dr. Baxmann’s courses and seminars, the accompanying books and the unique 1: 1 mentoring programme will help you to close the gap between where you are now with your practice and where you always wanted to be.

Dr. Martin Baxmann’s Lean Orthodontics®

More than just technology

It is a new and radically focused way of thinking, a philosophy and (practice) culture


the essentials that really work and make success reproducible.

Handy portions

Structuring, standardizing and making all practical processes simple, systematic and reproducible.

Leanorthodontics Buch Baxmann En


Simply everything that makes you (even more) successful in orthodontics and practice management.

Get to know the idea through many practical examples. You will learn how you can achieve sustainable changes to greater efficiency and satisfaction with small but razor-sharp impulses.

Leanorthodontics Buchreihe En

The ultimate practice book series

The practical workbook series for excellence in clinical orthodontics.

 Achieve perfect implementation by  step by step guides. Thanks to the many practical examples and clear instructions, you and your team can systematically train yourself and apply the new LEAN ORTHODONTICS® easily and safely.

Experiences with LEAN ORTHODONTICS®

Dr. Baxmann is a speaker, bestseller author and managing director of the multi-award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the orthodontic specialist laboratory MyOrthoLab®-Experts in Orthodontics.

For his innovative work, he was awarded the international HealthCare Award, the Gamechangers Award and the European Business Award in 2019 by CEO Today Magazin 2018.

Dr. Baxmann has been speaking internationally for more than 10 years and, especially in his year-round curriculum, powerweeks and in-office courses, he provides extremely efficient and easy-to-implement orthodontics based on current evidence and many years of top level experience, which is referred to as “LEAN ORTHODONTICS®“.

His popular video tutorials quickly reached several 100,000 views on YouTube alone. Subscribe to his channel and benefit from his expertise for free!

To support this concept, he regularly develops new orthodontic products and apps. As editor and author, Baxmann for specialist books such as

“Fixed appliances for class II therapy” or the “Lean Orthodontics” book series, the No. 1 Amazon Bestseller in Orthodontcis.

His patient guides “How to make your smile irresistible” and “How to make children’s smiles that last forever” have already found their place in many practices as popular help in patient counseling and information.

LEAN ORTHODONTICS® for YOU- become successful in practice

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  • Powerweek Lean Orthodontics Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics01.03.2021 - 05.03.2021 at FUNDAMENTAL® Dentales Schulungszentrum Remscheid

    Dr. Baxmann`s POWERWEEK

    DER Intensivkurs. Für all die, die keine 6 Wochenenden für ein Curriculum aufwenden wollen oder k...

  • Ganzjahreskurs Masterclass Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics19.03.2021 - 20.03.2021
    | Veranstaltungsserie (Alle anzeigen)

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 23.04.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 28.05.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 25.06.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 10.09.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 19.11.2021

    at Austria Trend Parkhotel Schönbrunn

    KFO-Fortbildungskurs 6-teilig AO

    6.teiliger KFO-Fortbildungskurs 2021 mit AO in Wien, immer Freitag/Samstags Dieser Kurs ist für Zah...

  • Inoffice Powerweek Lean Orthodontics Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics22.03.2021 - 26.03.2021 at InOffice Praxis

    InOffice PowerWeek in LEAN ORTHODONCTICS

    Achtung, für VIP only! In dieser Kombination aus intensivem Crashkurs und InOffice Kurs werden Theo...

  • Beginner Powerweekend Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics26.03.2021 - 27.03.2021 at FUNDAMENTAL® Dentales Schulungszentrum Remscheid

    Der sanfte Einstieg in die Kieferorthopädie

    Das Seminar richtet sich an Zahnärzte, die schon länger mit dem Thema Kieferorthopädie liebäugel...

  • Powerweek Lean Orthodontics Kfo Fortbildung Dr Baxmann Seminare Myortholab American Orthodontics16.04.2021 - 17.04.2021
    | Veranstaltungsserie (Alle anzeigen)

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 07.05.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 18.06.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 03.09.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 12.11.2021

    Eine Veranstaltung um 8:00 Uhr am 03.12.2021

    at FUNDAMENTAL® Dentales Schulungszentrum Remscheid

    KFO MSc Begleitkurs 6-teilig Fundamental

    Praktischer Begleitkurs zum Master of Science Kieferorthopädie Erfolgreiche KFO braucht mehr als Wi...

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