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Dr. Baxmann‘s Powerweek

One week of combined theory and practice for maximum knowledge for you to become the visionary expert in your field.
Do you know the feeling of being exhausted but happy? Of being genuinely satisfied with yourself and what you have achieved? This is what you will experience in this course.

It is a crash course: an intensive course for all those who don’t want to or can’t devote 6 weekends to a curriculum.
Although you are well-structured, you don’t have a common theme at your orthodontist’s office and miss that “aha” moment when everything suddenly runs smoothly? And even if you know exactly what you want but can’t get it across to your team?

This is exactly how I felt. But I got over it. This was the birth of LeanOrthodontics®.

And now I’m sharing everything that is important to you with you:

Orthodontic evidence and two decades of experience at the highest level in orthodontics and practice management.

I’m sure you won’t find anything else this compact, this suitable for everyday use, and this directly prepared for immediate implementation anywhere else.

If you like, you can of course bring your family with you.

While you are outperforming your competition, your family will enjoy the beautiful City of Düsseldorf.

Dates: only 4x per year, limited participants

Location: Düsseldorf (Shopping – more than luxury -> click here)

Price: 9.999,– Euro excl. tax

What does the PowerWeek offer, and who is your lecturer?

This is what you get:

1) Efficient diagnostics, i. a.
– with 5s ModelAnalysis®
– 10 credit points LeanCephAnalysis® (also available as a patch for OnyxCeph and Ivoris in the course)
2) Exclusive planning tools of the LeanOrthodontics® system
– Dr. Baxmann’s 3:1 Rules®
– Dr. Baxmann’s ABCD System®
3) Optimized therapy with removable appliances
– Compliance check method
– Habitational-muscular versus structural-skeletal adaptation in orthodontal therapy
– SymBlock® for the treatment of asymmetries
4) The ultimate LeanOrthodontics “cookbook” for fixed therapy
– Treatment tasks sagittal, transverse, and vertical
– Secure and easy anchorage, miniature implants, and extraction decisions
– Self-ligating brackets and indirect gluing
– Arch sequences for every malposition
– Additional tools for express therapy and special sheets for problems of any level and any kind
– Taster course: Bending like Dr. Baxmann at YouTube
5) Cost-effective aligner therapy
– In-house laboratory vs. external laboratory vs. big brands like Invisalign
6) Retention
– The three safest types of retention
7) Bonus
– TMD – correct examination, forensically safe evaluation and documentation

– Practice management – LeanOrthodontics® means satisfied patients, employees, and employers. Together we improve your Customers´s Journey! Create raving fans instead of just “OK” patients.

This is your course instructor:

Dr. Baxmann is an orthodontist, speaker, Amazon bestselling author, and multi-entrepreneur.
He is a very successful orthodontist and the managing director of the award-winning orthodontic practice group Orthodentix® and the orthodontic laboratory MyOrthoLab®. He is delighted to share his experience and LeanOrthodontics® concept with you and help you move forward.

Dr. Baxmann has been established as an inspiring and entertaining international speaker for more than 15 years. Several books in his LeanOrthodontics® series have become Amazon bestsellers. He will help you to sharpen your eye for essential things that are not only relevant to your day-to-day orthodontic work and profitably eliminate unnecessary baggage.

Evidence-based orthodontics meets immediate and easy-to-implement solutions. And all this is combined with an excellent sense for your goals and seasoned with a pinch of pleasantly dry humor.

This is what made Dr. Baxmann one of the #1 top speakers in orthodontics and practice management.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity if you want to immerse yourself in an orthodontic world of packed knowledge, practical tips, boundless energy, and fantastic communication skills to quickly get more sales, more effective employees, and have more free time at the same time.

more about Dr. Martin Baxmann (click here)

✔ More than 7,500 satisfied course participants

✔ #1 orthodontics podcast with more than 2,000 subscribers

✔ More than 5,000 subscribers on YouTube

✔ More than 15,000 patients with radiant smiles

✔ 5 practice locations

So, what does PowerWeek mean for you (and your team)?

  1. More efficiency in your workflows.
  2. More profit (per patient, per hour, and overall).
  3. More effective staff (who are motivated to learn and implement on their own).
  4. Less stress (for you, your team, your family…).
  5. More time (for you, your family, a fancy hobby or maybe for multiple clinics?).


Submit your and your team’s application now for the next available date if you are:

  • ready to work hard for 5 days in a row to learn a lot, or
  • if you have understood that this experience will give your practice unique impulses, or
  • if you need relief and want to establish new, optimally aligned structures right away.
  • If you are only looking to get some continuing education credits points quickly, please stay at home. You will only slow us down.

This course is for dentists, M.Sc. orthodontists, and orthodontists. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, it’s guaranteed to be worthwhile for anyone serious about improving.

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    What real participants say about Dr. Baxmann’s PowerWeek®

    Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Zaehne Kfo Praxis Lean Orthodontics Dr. Martin Baxmann conveys his very practice-oriented concept of 'Lean Orthodontics' of systematic and compact orthodontics with incredible energy and great enthusiasm. The 5 second model analysis, the Baxmann Keys, the Baxmann 3:1 rules of thumb, The ABCD system for therapy planning are important tools for me and can be implemented immediately in my practice. His mentoring program is unique and gives the course participants important help and support with case planning and questions of all kinds; This course program enriches my orthodontic work very much! Thank you very much for that! Dr. Hannes Küfler, Dentist S Harre "Dr. Baxmanns Powerweek?", "LEAN-Orthodontics?", "Baxmann-Keys?", "ABCD rules"? ...

    What´s that all about? Never heard of it! BAM! the curiosity was aroused and the registration for “Dr. Baxmanns Powerweek “went straight out.

    The one-week course with Dr. Baxmann... This week should change everything. After learning the "LEAN" Orthodontics basic rules, the next step was to solve tricky cases with these structures. [...]

    read more
    Dr. S. Harre, Master of Science in Orthodontics
    Kundenerfahrung Kfo Alex Kampf “From a true professional for aspiring professionals. I attended the Powerweek in 2020. It was a very intensive and extremely interesting and unique training course. Dr. Baxmann addresses all important areas of orthodontics with ease and completes this with many useful tips for everyday practice. Individual questions and concerns of the participants were also dealt with in depth. Anyone who wants to learn from a very personable professional and is willing to deal with orthodontics non-stop for 5 days is absolutely right here. Alex Kampf, Master of Science in Orthodontics Kieferorthopaedie Orthodentix Smile Kfo Praxis Management Lean Orthodontics Erfahrung "Dr. Baxmann is an excellent orthodontist and teacher. His "Lean Orthodontics®" method is simple, comprehensible and learnable. I am totally enthusiastic about it and I thank him very much for that! In the meantime I attended four courses and I am still learning more and more..." Dr. Elen Ho, Dentist

    More feedback and testimonials below

    Frequently asked questions about Dr. Baxmann’s PowerWeek®

    What is the difference between the PowerWeek and “normal” Courses?
    The  PowerWeek is an entirely individual course tailored to you and the course participants. No boring powerpoint slides that put you to sleep. This course grap your full attention. No matter if you receive mindblowingly easy to understand insights into theory or detailed hands-on training with typodonts for artistic orthodontics.

    This is how a PowerWeek works:
    The PowerWeek is an exclusive small group course for only up to 10 handpicked participants from different practices and provides maximum knowledge, skills, and motivation in the shortest possible time. Get profound insights through interactive participation without a single PowerPoint slide!

    Why should I participate in an orthodontic training course?
    Orthodontics is still considered a secret science. It is either underestimated, or it scares away interested parties with pseudo-biomechanical gimmicks. What do you think all the participants ask themselves after the course?
    “Why didn’t I attend such an orthodontic training course earlier?”

    Can I implement what I have learned right away?
    Yes! That’s exactly what the PowerWeeks are designed for. You work out a roadmap for implementing your goals during the course.

    And what if I have questions after the course?
    This is an essential difference between all Dr. Baxmann courses and any other course out there. No one is as accessible to you as Dr. Baxmann.

    Whether the Mentoring2Go via Messenger, email support, online mentoring, case planning suggestions, and lab services… It is so unique; many even ask how it is possible. The answer is simple: It is LeanOrthodontics® in real-time. The original.

    Can I repeat the course for continuing education?
    This is a very goo quastion and you are not the first and only to ask this. There are many Doctors from all over the world returning on a one year basis to Dr. Baxmann´s Powerweek. It is Dr. Baxman´s aim to help you stay ahead of your competition in the long run and be always at the top of current orthodontic best practice regimen.

    Register now for one of the limited seats at the PowerWeek:

      This is why you should benefit from PowerWeek:

      ✔ More profit with more efficient orthodontics

      ✔ Easy implementation of structured practice management

      ✔ Entertaining and sustainable knowledge and skills

      Impressions of the last PowerWeek

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      Real participant feedback

      I really enjoyed the week. Despite the many patients who visited the practices day after day, there was always enough time to answer our questions and explain and show us everything in detail.

      All the assistants and doctors were super friendly and helpful. I never had the feeling that we were unwanted or that things were done quickly because it was closing time.

      Thanks to you, I have learned a lot and have found fun in orthodontics, even in tasks that I thought were not for me. I learned that I should not be prejudiced and that I should be open to new things, never stop learning, have fun doing things I never thought possible, and outdo myself sometimes. I never thought I would enjoy taking photos because it never worked for me, and now it’s super easy to do.

      I am very grateful for this impressive week and the patience the entire team had with us.
      Keep up the excellent work.  👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      Miriam Tänzler, Dental Assistant

      Throughout the years, I have used almost all the tools available. Starting with case planning, the use of the lab, books and videos, single- and multi-day courses, curriculum, the “PowerWeek” with my team at your practice, and interactive online meetings to discuss cases and supervise my treatments. I could and still can learn things, extract them for myself, and adapt them. I want to highlight two things in particular that have helped my girls and me tremendously. One is the “PowerWeek,” during which you offer a whole week of insight into your practices and structures.
      By arrangement, the staff is trained individually, gets the opportunity to work with YOUR patients, and thus acquires a complete overview of “Lean Orthodontics” and its application in everyday life. After the “PowerWeek,” our girls seemed to be transformed, full of self-confidence and drive.

      Working with you and Lean Orthodontics is exactly what I was looking for and needed, and I will certainly continue to use it for a long time to come. Clear structures that are easy to adopt, conceptually applicable in other areas, and logical and comprehensible from start to finish. Not only for our staff and me but also the patients.

      Thank you very much, Martin. We wish you continued success and look forward to working with you in the years to come.
      Best regards, Chris

      Dr. Christian Hartwig, MSc

      One thing that many continuing education courses fail to convey—a practice concept for nearly all orthodontic treatments—gets communicated to everyone in a consistent, sustainable and plausible manner. The lecturer also impresses with his entertainer qualities, which makes the courses fly by in an entertaining and amusing way. Big Compliment.

      Dr. Sebastian Helgert MSc

      You are still undecided or have questions about the PowerWeek?

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      What is LEAN ORTHODONTICS®, and what does pure efficiency mean in orthodontics?

      Practice more fulfilling, satisfying, relaxed, and successful orthodontics when interacting with your patients, your team, or implementing your treatment techniques.

      “100% success with 80% less effort doesn’t just sound good.

      I’ve been doing it for years. And now I will help you with the implementation to grow and to succeed in Orthodontics.”

      Be the person you always wanted to be in your practice. Look forward to the positive impact that the systematic and compactly structured approach of Dr. Baxmann’s LEAN ORTHODONTICS® will have on you, your personal life, your family, and your friends.

      Start the next chapter of your professional success story now.

      With easy and proven steps you learn to implement it consistently. Then you too are guaranteed to be (even) more successful.

      Dr. Baxmann’s course program, the supporting books, and the unique 1:1 mentoring will help you close the gap between where you are right now with your practice and where you’ve always wanted to be.

      Dr. Martin Baxmann’s Lean Orthodontics®

      More than just technology

      It is a new and radically focused way of thinking, a philosophy, and (practice) culture.


      to the essentials, things that work and make success reproducible.

      Manageable portions

      Structuring all practice processes simply and systematically, standardizing them, and making them reproducible.

      The books of a multiple bestselling author on Amazon.



      Everything that makes you (even more) successful in orthodontics and practice management.

      Mockup Buchreihe
      The ultimate practice book series

      The practical workbook series for excellence in clinical orthodontics. The ultimate step-by-step guide to your success.

      The #1 orthodontics podcast with more than 2,000 subscribers

      LEAN ORTHODONTICS® for YOU — become (even more) successful in practice

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